Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thursday February 24th

1230 backstage at ERMANNO SCERVINO
Snap some shots backstage at the Piazza Duommo tent. Lost a little courage from the day before so I don't attempt to tackle the photographers pit.

smiling models backstage at Ermanno Scervino

Lunch at the press lobby which is really nearby: ricotta vegetarian lasagna and after eight mousse for desert.

1500 HAUTE
On the podium. 1930s gangster inspired with pleated trousers, maxi coats, paperboy caps and fur. A neutral palette which is rare this season. Not particularly unique but my style.

This show drew a huge crowd of mostly Italians. Crouched on the scattered podium beside infamous Italian fashion writer and style icon Anna Piaggi who was escorted in just as the show started. The Facehunter was getting close up shots for his street style blog out front after the show.

I got great pictures. Unfortunately I - along with what I could tell many who attended - did not like the show.

Harsh cuts and bold colours that stuck to red white and black, even the setting was cold. Overall a lack of femininity. The press release dedicated the collection to fashionistas who are tired of the vulgarity in womens clothes but in fact vulgar might be a good description.


Lunch number 2 at the press lobby: sandwhiches and champagne, cookies and cappucino.


We skip Albino for the opening of Italian accessories brand Corto Moltedo's new Milan boutique. A huge turn out of models, journalists and wealthy Italians filled the nearby coutyard with champaign in hand. Since then we have noticed the structured mini clutches and brightly sparkling rubber laptop cases everywhere. The IT accesory brand this season in Milan.

Corto Moltedo's Pool Party on

Back to the Duomo for our last show and a spot on the podium. Simple clean cuts and solid colours equals a little boring. However I Loved the high wasted velvet skirts and black fur full length coat.


We miss apertivo and like the night before are stuck in the touristy centre. Out of money we opt for a fast food dinner, buy a cheap bottle of wine and head back to the hotel to get some work done.

Edit photos and publish on fashion windows in the lobby. To bed by 300.

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