Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Wake up. Grab a quick breakfast in the lobby and out the door by ten to take the subway over to the first show.

Despite not having received a designated PODIUM invitation was able to find a place among this photographers pit, a great sign for the rest of the week. After the show hopped back on the metro at CARDONA in a rush to the next.

1245 backstage at SIMONETTA RAVIZZA
Was treated really well by Alessandro of Insight Communications who took us backstage and introduced us to the designer for a brief interview which was cut short by the language barrier. Backstage was not what I expected! The models were dressed in their own clothes and BBMing or eating while getting their makeup and hair done. A handfull of photographers and videographers roamed freely, weaving their way around the hairdstylist and dressers who were racing to prepare the models.

Flares, fur and maxi skirts. The first two shows brought us right back to the 70s.

Simonetta Ravizza Fall/Winter 2011 Milano Moda Donna backstage

Simonetta Ravizza Fall/Winter 2011 Milano Moda Donna backstageSimonetta Ravizza Fall/Winter 2011 Milano Moda Donna backstageSimonetta Ravizza Fall/Winter 2011 Milano Moda Donna backstage

Simonetta Ravizza Fall/Winter 2011 Milano Moda Donna backstageSimonetta Ravizza Fall/Winter 2011 Milano Moda Donna backstageSimonetta Ravizza Fall/Winter 2011 Milano Moda Donna backstage
backstage at Simonetta Ravizza

So much fur!

Over to the press lounge to pick up - and in my case pay 100euros -for my photographers accreditation. Most expensive but best souvenir yet! Worth the price as it includes champagne with breakfast lunch dinner, fast wifi which is impossible to find in this city, and buses to and from the shows. Lunch is delicious and we have a great view of the Duomo from the roomftop patio.

the view from the press lounge rooftop patio: the Moda Donna tent in Piazza Duomo, the heart of Milan

This is a big one. We arrive just in time to have a brief chat with Scott Schuman, The Satorialist. I am introduced and he pays me the biggest compliment I may have ever received: he thinks he recognizes me and asks if he has taken my picture before. Speachless.

Lindsay has an assigned seat and makes her way inside but I get pushed to the side as standing room only must wait to get in. This works out in my benefit as when I eventually get in there is a perfect spot for taking photographs right at the end of the L shaped runway, away from the ugly mess that is the PODIUM. I squat beside Scott and his girlfriend: fashion illustrator, photographer and famous blogger Garance Doré. I get great shots of the lush colours and thigh high crushed velvet boots.

As I am walking out the door to wait for Lindsay the crowd outside have their cameras focused in my direction. I turn and Anna Wintour, editor-in-cheif of American VOGUE, is right beside me flanked by bodyguards front and back. I see Garance just a few steps away and work up the courage to introduce myself.

Anna Wintour Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue

1745 backstage at N°21
We hop off the press bus just in time to rush backstage, I snap a few pictures and leave Lindsay to find a spot on the PODIUM which is already full. Luckily the Italian photographers are much more pleasant, especially to girls who have no idea what their doing, and a few of them let me squat between them. Creams and dusty pinks, lacy and softer fabrics, at the end of the show we both had the same question: fall/winter? None the less we really liked and would wear the clothes.

backstage at N°21

We force our way through the group of press and photographers onto the first bus and end up waiting in the line of Mercedes that receive priority for driving the important people from show to show. Finally we arrive at La Rotonda, a very beautiful building just outside the city centre. Once again I have standing room only and despite my attempts to make friends with the PR guys they don't let me pass to the PODIUM. I can't find a good line of site which is particularly unfortunate because this might be my favourite show of the day. Especially the mini dresses which are very unique in their detail and just the right amount of revealing.

20,00 JO NO FUI
Back on the bus which takes us to the tent outside the Duomo, the cathedral located at the centre of Milan which is second in size only to the Vatican in Italy. I manage to get a great spot on the PODIUM to snap photos of the 70s chic crop tops and flared suits.

Jo No Fui

We miss aperitivo - spend 8euros on a cocktail and enjoy the all you can eat free buffet at most of Italys cafe bars from 1800-2100 - and have trouble finding something that meets our fancy in this touristy area of the city. Just as we are about to settle for a bigmac we come accross an authentic Italian Restorante and Pizzeria Enoteca called Cocopazzo. We split a pizza and a salad, and order a half litre each for 6euros.

Back at the hotel I spend four hours editing photos which brings 1000 down to 300 and I make a promise to be more selective with my shooting.

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