Sunday, March 6, 2011


Wake up just in time for breakfast. Spend the day working on articles and posting pictures in the lobby. We order some pizzas from across the street for a late lunch. That's right a pizza each. 

We decide we have to go out at least one night in Milan and plan not to come home after Cavalli. We are late getting ready and have to order a cab. It takes us about ten minutes - 20euros! - to get to the piazza san babila, 3 where we will pass through Milan's version of the Arc de Triomph into the tent they have set up exclusively for Cavalli. What a location! 

I don't have an invitation and am feeling particularly anxious so Lindsay does the talking. The PR are lovely and let me pass no problem. Lindsay has a designated seat and I am supposed to be standing but try my luck and sit beside her on the bench hoping nobody comes to claim the spot. We are third row back section D. In the second row of our section sits Scott Schumann and Garance Dore. Lindsay interviews Garance for her favourite spots in Paris. In the front row sits Anna Wintour. A little bit down sits Anna Dello Russo. Photographers are snapping shots of Kelly Rowland who is posing on the runway. Everyone is twittering. Bryan Boy tweets he is late and receives responses giving minute to minute updates on status of the show.

As our row fills up it is always impossible to read the seat numbers on the benches. I am in someone's seat but they have no idea and have seemingly just squished into the row so I get to stay. The lady on my right asks us where we are from, and in turn she tells us she's from Toronto. I ask her who she works for: FASHION magazine. She is Susie Scheffman fashion editor of FASHION magazine, where I have been going to apply for an internship! I tell her I have been interning for Madeleine Czigler. She knows Madeleine and asks that I say hello. In the end I get the names and addresses of the online and art department editors, with instructions to send of an e-mail as soon as possible. What luck!

Anna Dello Russo and Bryan Boy
I had been disappointed that I was not on the Podium and wouldn't get good pictures from my spot but  this was obviously meant to be! Instead I got to sit back and enjoy the show. Animal prints. Lots of animal prints. Spotted leopard over striped thigh high leopard print boots. Layers of sheer luxury fabrics. Flowing floor length dresses over sequined tights. Very Italian. Glam and excess I never before appreciated. Seeing it on the runway over models dressed the way the designers imagined it by their illustrations and in such an exciting atmosphere where it feels like everyone is holding their breath it was awe-inspiring.

I call my mom as soon as I leave the show practically in tears of excitement I can't wait to tell her about my luck. Lindsay and I beat the crowds to the nearby aperitivo, order some champaign to celebrate a successful week and eat all we can off the free all you can eat buffet. Then we hop across the street to Bhangrabar and do the same. We end at the garden patio of the fashionable 10 Corso Como for a nightcap.

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