Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter: Fashion's archenemy

Sorel winter boots, introduced in 1959 from Kitchener, Ontario.
The authentic winter boot has made a comeback in recent years.

Being from Toronto, I am familiar with the struggle of staying motivated to look your best throughout the winter months. Priority number one is to keep warm and dry.  This means layer upon layers under ski jackets, hats and scarves. Heels are not an option. I know from experience it is less embarrassing to be caught in clunky winter boots than to trip and fall on a patch of black ice in the middle of a road.  And let's be honest there is no such thing as stylish winter boots. As a rule the ugliest boots will be the warmest boots.  I now surrender to winter. For a few cold months fashion gives way and practicality takes precedence.

Today I was happy to discover that when faced with the obstacle of winter Anina, the original "Model Blogger",  likewise chooses warm winter over fashionable heels:

"It is Really Snowing. What to wear?

Dressing up to be stylish is one thing. But walking on ice and snow is another. Wobbling along in high heels simply makes you look like a die hard fool, not to mention the salt nipping at your manolo's. In Paris I had to make a pit-party stop to shop because these was no way to keep sliding along in my platform heels like I am too precious to fall. I am. I can not be bothered to waste time".

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