Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Arrival in France

Made it to Paris!  The plane ride was very smooth.   We watched Robin Hood and barely slept.  Our pass through customs was equally uneventful: "Bonjour" - quick glance at passport surely not enough time to process photo - "Bienvenue a Paris"

We picked up our luggage and made our way through the airport to the RERB terminal, interrupted part way by a stream of assault rifle carrying french special forces.  An hour later we were allowed to pass.   France is under high alert for a terrorist attack at the moment CDG being a prime target in Europe.

We took the RERB to Chatelet les Halles: a major Metro transfer point which is especially confusing to maneuver. It was a 20 minutes to our temporary resting spot in Paris by Rue Montorgueil (it is really fun to pronounce) in the 2nd which is super cute. This part of Paris reminds me a lot of Old Quebec City or Victoria. That afternoon/evening we tried our best to prevent jet lag and walked around the city. We made our way down to the river, over Pont Neuf and back up passing by the Louvre. We had quiche for dinner and went to bed excited to explore the next morning. Two views from the first day:

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